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Post by Diablobuster on Sat Dec 07, 2013 1:37 pm

Here are the rules that you should know-
1. Do not communicatively attack other players. (This means harassing players)
2. Do not be a jerk on purpose. It's one thing if you are just messing around with friends, but it's another thing if you are doing it just to be mean.
a. If someone is continuously being vile towards you despite your requests for them to stop, do not confront them. Ignore them, get evidence, and report them on the forums.
3. Do not dodge punishments given to you.
a. This means leaving the server and coming back to avoid punishment
4. Do not ban avoid.
a. This means going on another account to get on the server while banned. (We know you love the server that much.) Smile
5. Do not use any sort of hack/cheat that would benefit you in any way.
a. This includes hacked clients, X-ray mod, etc.
6. Do not spam/flood the chat.
a. Spamming/flooding is saying the same general thing over 2 times.
7.You are responsible for your account and what happens with it.
a. So if your brother broke a rule and you get punished, not our fault.
8. When a staff member asks you to stop doing something, stop.
a. However, if you feel a staff member has wronged you, report them on the forums.
9. Do not scam other players in any way.
a. This means if someone offers you a diamond for one iron ingot, give it to them. Nobody likes liars.
b. This can occur in any way, shape, or form. If you have been scammed, report the player(s) on the forums with proof.
10. Do not advertise other servers.
a. Don't private message another server's IP or names of the server. For example, don't say, "Go to! It's really fun!" or "Go onto the hive of bees server!" We will ban your permanently for doing this.

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