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Post by Diablobuster on Sun Oct 20, 2013 8:23 pm

Alright. So it seems you are, want to become, or have applied for staff. Here are the things to put you into the running.

The first thing you must do as a staff member is be very active. We need dedicated people to help run this server. We don't want power-hungry people just coming into the server saying "GIVE ME STAFF! I WANT STAFF! GIVE IT NOW!" No. That's crap. We don't want that.

Along with being active you need to remember that this is a fun, laid-back community where people of ALL ages can join and have fun. We don't want staff members to be up-tight and get mad with a player for one rule break. We want our staff members to say, "Sorry, (player name), but I have asked you twice now to stop spamming. You will be muted for five minutes for spamming." That's how we want our staff to act.

Another thing is BEHAVIOR. That is a really big part in being a staff member. We don't want our staff being like, "YOU FRICKEN LITTLE PEICE OF ****! I TOLD YOU NOT TO ******* SPAM YOU MIDGET!" Just no. On so many levels is that wrong. That's unprofessional and you will automatically get demoted.

For all of you people that are like TL;DR, this is to sum it up. Don't be so tight about the rules. We are a relexed community that wants all players to feel welcome. Have good behavior and spelling! You will be spied on by Diablo himself. If he catches you with bad grammar and spelling along with a bad attitude, your application will be straight up DENIED!

Good luck all applicants and staff members! Serve me well!

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